What we're trying to do here...

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Hi, we're just two guys who like a bargain and like gaming... put the two together and you've got a craze for getting the best deal on pre-order. Why? 'cos what we don't like is having to wait 'till a games been out for 2 months before buying it. We like to be the people in work the next day strung out on caffeine demanding to know why everyone else isn't a level 78 mage yet when the games been out "like 13 hours already".

Specifically we wanted Borderlands the Pre-Sequel as soon as it came out for the best price we could get (big shout out to 2K there! Thanks for the games guys) and nowhere seemed to be pulling that information together for us. Oh yeah we were signed up to all the best game sites and getting the newsletters but that meant going to every one each day hoping for a voucher or a discount in time to grab the extra goodies one gets for pre-ordering. No one seemed to pull it all into one spot, so we said "stuff it then, may as well be us" - and so it came to pass :)
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